Winning By Not Losing

September 20, 2022

Buckhead Capital’s Diversified Value equity strategy aims to provide clients better than market (S&P 500) returns, with lower volatility.  The first part of that statement is pretty easy to understand, but what does lower volatility mean and why should anyone care?  Lower volatility simply means that the value of a stock portfolio will not go […]

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Will Cancelling Student Debt Stimulate the Economy?

August 25, 2022

This week President Biden announced that student loan forbearance would once again be extended until January 2023. This marks the sixth time that payments have been paused since March of 2020! But that was not the story of the day. The President’s piéce de résistance was the announcement of student loan forgiveness of up to […]

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Changing Inherited IRA RMD Rules Again?! What Should You Do With Your Account in 2022?

August 4, 2022

In 2019 Congress passed legislation to overhaul the regulations governing retirement account assets, contributions, and eligibility. This legislation, despite its numerous detailed regulatory amendments was intended to have two primary effects: one, to increase individual eligibility and contribution levels to retirement accounts and two, to accelerate tax revenues generated through the eventual distribution of those […]

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Buckhead Capital – Quarterly Commentary for Second Quarter 2022

July 20, 2022

Highlights Higher than expected inflation and fears of recession rattled stock and bond markets. The S&P 500 returned -16.1% in the second quarter, bringing its 2022 loss to 20.0%. All equity sectors had losses in the second quarter, with Energy the only one positive in 2022. The Bloomberg Aggregate bond index returned -4.9% for the […]

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Buckhead Capital – Quarterly Commentary for First Quarter 2022

May 5, 2022

Highlights Rising inflation and interest rates led to losses in both the stock and bond markets. After gaining almost 29% in 2021, the S&P 500 returned -4.6% in the first quarter. Bond returns were even worse, with the Barclays Aggregate down 5.9% for the quarter. Value stocks outperformed growth stocks by 8.8% in the first […]

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Why Own Bonds When Interest Rates Can’t Keep Pace with Inflation

April 21, 2022

Chances are, if you have a financial advisor, they’ve already harped on the importance of including bonds in your investment portfolio. But, for the 12 months ending February 2022 the U.S. inflation rate was 7.9%, while 30-year treasury bonds are yielding just over 2.5%. Through that arbitrage you are “losing” money in the form of […]

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Just How “At Risk” Are Your Social Security Benefits

April 7, 2022

Many of you are familiar with the Social Security (SS) system, but for those who are not, it can be defined as follows: a federal insurance program that provides benefits (primarily income) to those that are retired or disabled. The system is funded through collection of Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) revenues. FICA taxes are […]

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Cryptocurrency May Be a New Frontier for Investors, But the IRS Still Wants Their Piece. When and How Big a Bite Should You Expect Them to Take?

March 10, 2022

For a time, investing, or perhaps more accurately, speculating in cryptocurrency was a tax-absent free-for-all. In many ways, the crypto world is still a “wild west” environment. Because bitcoin is built on an open-source (owned by no one) platform and has no governing bodies, it is all but impossible to regulate on the same level […]

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Please Tell Me the IRS Isn’t Actually Mandating “Selfies”

February 24, 2022

Finding bipartisan cooperation seems rare these days. Thankfully, on this one, Democrats and Republicans got it right. A few months ago, the IRS announced plans that would require anyone attempting to view their tax information via the IRS site or app to establish a comprehensive facial recognition profile through a software platform called Those […]

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Buckhead Capital – Quarterly Commentary for Fourth Quarter 2021

February 3, 2022

Highlights With a gain of 11.0% in the fourth quarter, the S&P 500 returned 28.7% in 2021. Growth stocks outperformed value stocks by 5.1% in the quarter and 7.1% for the year. The U.S. Aggregate fixed income index was flat for the quarter and returned -1.5% for the year. The Federal Reserve’s preferred measure of […]

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