Buckhead Capital – Quarterly Commentary for First Quarter 2021

April 19, 2021

Highlights Adding to its 18.4% gain in 2020, the S&P 500 returned 6.2% in the first quarter. Just like the fourth quarter, value stocks outperformed growth stocks, in this case by 8.7%. The broadest measure of the fixed income markets lost 3.4% as interest rates rose in the quarter. Real GDP grew at an annual […]

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Understanding My Portfolio: Is My Portfolio Properly Allocated to Weather the Market Uncertainty?

March 15, 2021

The stock market is overvalued. You may find a few dissenting opinions out there, but statistics do not lie. The CAPE ratio (a measure of a company’s earnings adjusted for typical market cycles in relation to its share price and trusted measure of S&P 500 valuation) is currently1 35.08. In simpler terms, this means that […]

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The Time is Now to Be Treated Like a Real Person, Not a Number

March 8, 2021

In a world where discussions of complex issues are constricted to 2-minute segments on cable media and 280 characters on Twitter, thoughtful and long-form communication has been cheapened or neglected in our daily life. You’ve undoubtedly heard of the studies showing that the human attention span continues to shrink (8 seconds for the “average human” […]

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The Layered Costs of Investing: Make it a Cake, Not an Onion

March 1, 2021

Whether for our own entertainment, our children’s, or our grandchildren’s, I believe it’s safe to assume we’ve all seen Shrek by now. As it turns out, the core concept of Shrek’s famous onion analogy (below for your reference/enjoyment) can be extended into the world of investing rather directly. Whether you are an experienced investor or […]

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Lemonade Out of Lemons: Taking Charge of Your Finances Post-Divorce

February 22, 2021

I’ve never been divorced. In fact, I’ve not been married, but I have seen and experienced the emotional toll that a divorce can take on everyone involved. It is a paradigm-shifting life event, and many are often left overwhelmed and wondering: “Where do I go from here?” There is no easy answer. As a financial […]

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Becoming Financially Savvy: You Have More Resources Than Ever Before

February 15, 2021

We now live in a world where you can do anything online; have your new car delivered to your house, go to elementary school, even buy a tiger. While I would argue that most of these activities are better done in-person (or not at all), this age of information and accessibility comes with an array […]

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Leave a Legacy for Your Children: Not All Inheritances are Created Equally

February 8, 2021

“The Great Wealth Transfer” is the phrase coined to represent the impending shift of assets from the Baby Boomer generation to their descendants. The scale of this shift figures to be truly “Great”. Per 2019 data, it is expected that $68 Trillion will be passed from one generation to the next over the next 25 […]

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Buckhead Capital – Quarterly Commentary for Fourth Quarter 2020

January 28, 2021

Highlights The S&P 500 returned 12.1% for the quarter and 18.4% for all of 2020. Value stocks outperformed growth stocks in the quarter but trailed by 32% for the year. The 2020 gain in the S&P 500 was driven by a small number of large growth stocks. The fixed income markets returned 0.7% for the […]

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Ditch The “Set-It and Forget-It” Mentality for Your Finances

January 25, 2021

Bear with me, this overused comparison actually works. Taking care of your vehicle is a great analogy for taking care of your finances. It would be far easier if you could buy a car off the lot, get in, drive, and never worry about it again. We all know that is not the case. On […]

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Don’t Feel Intimidated by Investing: The Power of Getting Started NOW

January 18, 2021

Many young professionals give little thought to their retirement. And why should they? It is often 40-45 years away. There are “more important” priorities to address first; buying a car, buying a house, and traveling the world (at least pre-COVID).  While these are all important goals, saving for retirement CANNOT be neglected. While we could […]

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