Your Wealth Matters

You’ve worked hard to accumulate wealth and you deserve the same investment expertise available to large institutional investors.

Using our experience in managing investments for foundations, endowments, and pension funds, we provide individually customized strategies, simple and transparent portfolios, and direct access to portfolio managers – all at a lower cost than many other wealth managers.

You are unique and so are your circumstances. By taking the time to get to know you – your experiences, your values, your goals – we are able to develop a comprehensive, customized investment plan that meets your needs.

We Provide Peace of Mind

Experience the satisfaction of having the most important aspects of your finances organized and under control.

An Investment Plan tailored to your needs and goals enables you to encounter the turbulence of the markets with confidence, knowing that you are positioned to ride out storms and take advantage of opportunities.

Your Financial Counselor. While we manage investment portfolios, we also serve as a trusted advisor for our individual clients. We work with you to address other aspects of your financial life, such as retirement and estate planning, insurance, and charitable gifting.

Investment Management Simplified

Complicated investments aren’t better investments.

Thoughtful Investment Plans implemented with discipline across different market environments work best to preserve and grow wealth over the long term.

Lower Total Cost for you because we don’t outsource investment decisions, we don’t trade excessively, and we work actively to minimize taxable gains.

Investment Expertise is demonstrated by investment success across full market cycles, achieved by investment professionals with over 200 years of combined experience.

Reduced Volatility comes from a focus on risk management throughout the investment process.  This is why we seek both quality and value in selecting individual securities.  It’s why we pay attention to the market’s valuation in constructing portfolios.

Transparency and Accountability are provided by clear and concise reports, an independent custodian for your assets, on-line access to your portfolio, and portfolio managers who are available to talk or meet with you as needed.

Winning By Not Losing

Managing risk leads to better returns.

Equity Markets Trend Higher over the long-term, but they move up and down in cycles of expansion and contraction over shorter periods of time (five years on average).

As Prices Move Higher, many people take on more risk, either by increasing their exposure to equities or making more risky investments in order to “keep up”.

But Outperforming In Down-Markets is more important than out-performing in up-markets. If the market gains 50% and you gain only 40%, you need only a 7% incremental return to catch up. But if your portfolio drops 50% when the market falls 40%, then you need a 20% gain to simply match the market’s loss and a 100% gain to break-even.

As Valuations Move Higher, we select investments and structure our portfolios to take on less risk at a time when many investors are taking on more. This approach reduces losses in market downturns, thereby making more capital available for the market’s rebound. We call this “winning by not losing”.

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